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  • Product: Hilal-i Ahmer Micro Mosaic Picture Table
  • Price: $1.740
  • Dimensions (cm):
    Width (w) : 42
    Length (l) : 38
  • Kategori: Mosaic
  • Product Information: In this study, thousands of pieces of glass used for millimetric measurements were cut out from colored glass plates with the help of glass cutter and prepared for sorting.

    Each of the interrupted particles are separated by their color values and form the image of light, shadow and lines. Each piece is replaced by cutting or pliers.

    On the transparent glass placed on the sketch, with the help of the varnish, gaps were left between them and the picture was created by sticking side by side. This process was a six-month period for Hilal-i-Ahmer reproduction.

    In the next step, the jointing process was carried out which will hold the glass fragments in the millimeter scale and bring out a solid picture.
    Due to the ability to pass the light of the glass, the jointing process and the smallness of the parts completely change the color.

    In particular, water-based opal glass dyes are used in the figures to bring each piece of glass to its original color value. The mild nature of the paint met with the sharpness of the glass and became more and more important to the work of Hilal-i Ahmer.

    In the last stage, opaque glass paint has been painted with transparent varnish and paint texture has been strengthened. At the same time, relief efects have been created to make the visual effect more striking.

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