Project info

  • Price: $124
  • Dimensions(cm):
    Length : 5.1
    Width: 5.1
    Heigh: 5.1
  • Product Information: I have designed the Blue Monarch Butterfly stained glass wedding ring box thinking of multi-purpose usages such as a jewelry box, ring box, wedding or engagement ring bearer box as well as part of a shiny wedding decor to present the rings The glass art box be also a marvelous bridal gift to whom you’d like to order.

    This specially designed product was made entirely by handcraft using the Tifanny stained glass technique as well as applied with bohemian painting style patterns in order to ornament it via high-quality acrylic paint.

    The main materials used in the application are The U.S. origin high-quality opaque and/or transparent special stained glass, copper foil, copper wire, solder, black patina, and flux. Fine details were completed using acrylic paint. As a nature of stained glass art, colors change regarding the reflection of light.

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