Project info

  • Product: Victoria Stained Glass Organizer
  • Price: $200
  • Dimensions (cm):
    Width (w) : 26
    Length (l) : 11
    Height (h) : 10
  • Product Information: This specially designed product was made entirely by handcraft using the Tifanny stained glass technique. The main material used in the application is colored and / or transparent special stained glass, copper foil, wire and solder.
  • Is this product customizable?: Yes. Please specify the size, pattern, color and design specifications you want and ask for price and delivery time information.
  • Delivery Time: Goods in stock are cargoed within 2 business days. For non-staple items please ask for information. Artistic work does not rush 🙂
  • Shipping : Shipping charge is paid by the buyer. The delivery time may vary depending on the city or country in which you are located. Please ask for details.
  • How can I order?: Please send the product and contact information you want to order to by e-mail.
  • How can I pay: You can pay by bank transfer. Other payment options are not available at this time